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CVRD Open House at the Saltair Water Treatment Facility – 13 May 2017

The CVRD Water Dept staff hosted a very informative Open House at the Saltair Water Treatment Facility on the 13 May 2017 from 10-1 pm.  While I was at the Open House, the staff indicated that the Open House was well attended. There was coffee, tea, and those amazing muffins & scones from the Ladysmith Old Town Bakery.  There were tours of the facility with lots of great photos of the work that has been done on the Saltair Water Distribution System over the past years and the upgrades of the New Reservoir that was built in 2014.


Brian Dennison, the CVRD Water Dept Mgr., posed for a picture in front of the reservoir to indicate how large it is. The amazing part is that as large as the reservoir is it only stores enough water to supply Saltair users for one day.

Inside the plant there was a chance for people to see the UV device that is used and how the chlorine is added to our water.  One is amazed at all the pipes and other equipment to monitor the treatment systems on site.

It was a great day to find out more about the Saltair Water System Treatment Plant.  The Saltair Water Advisory Committee thanks to the CVRD staff for taking the time to come and host a great Open House here in Saltair.

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2017 Saltair Watermain Distribution Upgrade Update

Construction of the Saltair Water System Distribution Upgrade along South Oyster School Road, from Bazan Road to Seavista Road, is anticipated to start during the week of June 19, 2017.  The winning bid went to David Stalker Excavating Ltd.  The work will consist of replacing all service connections to the property line of individual water connections as well as increasing the size of the water main from 4” to 6”.  Traffic control will be on site and disruption to traffic flow will be minimal.  As there have been two large water main breaks on South Oyster School Road, which caused massive damage to private properties in the area, this is a much-needed upgrade to the Saltair Water System’s aging infrastructure.

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