Water is not just a Saltair issue

Yesterday, the Ontario government announced it would raise the fees that bottled water companies like Nestlé pay to pump out millions of litres of groundwater every day.  The new fee? One-twentieth of a penny per litre! That is less than one cent per case!  Do you think the Ontario government is serious about protecting threatened aquifers?  Neither do I.  We must keep the pressure on the Ontario government and show that we will not let it practically give water away – even in times of drought – to corporations like Nestlé, which turn around and sell it for billions in profits. You can add your voice by sending a message to the Wynne government.  Tens of thousands of people like you have already told the government that it must do more. Communities trying to save their water – with the help of the Council of Canadians – from bottled water plants, quarries and garbage dumps have complained that the government seems to rubber-stamp corporate permits with little regard for residents’ concerns. We cannot allow half measures and loophole-filled regulations. We need to phase out bottled water permits forever.  Please take a few moments to tell the Ontario government (again) that it needs to:

  • Force Nestlé to sell the Middlebrook well to the Township of Centre Wellington who need it for their drinking water.
  • Implement a permanent moratorium on new permits for single-use bottled water facilities.
  • Phase out current permits for such facilities.
  • Prioritize community use over corporate interests for water resources in Ontario.
  • Seek the free, prior and informed consent of affected Indigenous peoples.

Please send your letter today.  Thank you for taking action to protect Ontario’s water.

Mark Calzavara
Ontario-Quebec Regional Organizer

The Council of Canadians operates with no corporate donations or government funding, and always has. Our public advocacy work is proudly 100 per cent independent and sustained by generous donations from people like you.

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